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Resume | Cover Letter

The topics listed below are the skills you can learn under The Office Expert’s Resume and Cover Letter curriculum. You may also just want to book an appointment to have The Office Expert prepare a résumé for you instead. If you are interested in this Service or training for yourself or are inquiring for another person, please contact us to register your interest using the form on this page.

A presentable resume involves knowing your way around Microsoft Word or at least knowing how to access pre-made templates in Word. There are also plenty of professional services offering Resume services, but why not gain the skills to build and maintain your own resume? Book an Introduction to Microsoft Office course with us today via one of our Basic Computer courses. and be on your way to learning all the computing skills.

Be sure also to check out our Free Tutorials on YouTube and on our Free Tips page.

Letter Writing

This level includes:

What you will Gain

  • Tips and tricks to capture the attention of a prospective employers
  • How to win the lead among other candidates
  • Creation of a winning résumé
  • Have a résumé to suit even the most difficult job applications
  • Other important tips (attire, personality, demeanor)
  • Preparations to approach a panel interview

What you will Learn

  • Plan the structure of your résumé
  • Design an attractive layout
  • Creating a résumé from scratch vs using a Template
  • Résumé subtitles
  • Deciding on content order
  • Include all relevant facts
  • What not to include
  • How to get your Interviewer to read your résumé
  • Write a catchy “Cover Letter” to accompany your résumé
  • The do’s and don’ts about Referees

Résumé and Cover Letter Service or Training

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