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Basic Computer Course

The topics listed below are the skills you can learn under The Office Expert’s Basic Computer Course. If you are interested in this training for yourself or are enquiring for another person, please contact us to register your interest using the form below. As we provide customised training, for multi-student training sessions the next step after you contact us involves us assessing your current skills to determine exactly which topics you require training in.

This level includes:

The Basics

  • Ergonomics
  • OH&S hazards while working with a computer
  • Startup and shutdown
  • Navigating the desktop
  • Exploring/customising desktop
  • Adding/removing Quick Launch bar
  • Customising font sizes to suit
  • Formatting a disk/memory stick
  • Storage mediums explained (CD, DVD, USB, External hard drives, Bluray)
  • Using a memory stick
  • Plugging in a digital camera
  • Connecting other devices
  • Resizing/moving/splitting windows
  • Arranging/tiling windows
  • Minimising/maximising/restoring/closing windows
  • Handling all the annoying windows that pop up
  • Definition of shortcuts?
  • Creating/renaming/deleting shortcuts


  • What is Word used for?
  • What is Excel used for?
  • What is Powerpoint used for?
  • What is Access used for?
  • What is Publisher used for?
  • What is Outlook?
  • Saving a file
  • Universal shortcut keys for microsoft softwares
  • Finding a saved file in your computer
  • Where does the computer automatically save your files
  • Exploring menubars/ribbons
  • Exploring/adding/customising toolbars
  • Overwriting a saved file
  • Copying/moving/renaming/deleting files
  • Backups
  • Copying files to a memory stick

Getting Help

  • Using windows help
  • Using program specific help
  • Accessing internet help
  • Search engines (Google)
  • Help shortcut key
  • Using wizards

Printers and Printing

  • Installing a printer
  • Setting up a default printer
  • Adjusting printer settings
  • Configuring a printing profile
  • Improving printing quality
  • Cleaning & maintaining a printer
  • Cancelling a print job
  • Viewing/displaying the print queue
  • Configuring your printer to use less ink

Managing Computer Files & Folders

  • Saving files correctly
  • Naming Files correctly
  • Copying Files to another location
  • Deleting Files
  • Getting your Deleted Files back
  • Creating/naming & renaming Folders
  • Moving Folders and Files
  • Dragging Files
  • Opening & printing Files

Basic Computing Functions

  • Searching for Documents/Files
  • Copying/pasting information
  • Cutting/pasting information
  • Right-Clicking vs Left-Clicking
  • Double-Clicking
  • Mouse practice
  • Screen Captures (shots or grabs)
  • Backing up information

Recycle Bin

  • What is a recycle bin?
  • How to empty your recycle bin
  • Restoring a file to its original location
  • Searching for a deleted file
  • Accessing details of a deleted file/s
  • How long do files stay in the bin?

Control Panel

  • What you can do in the Control Panel
  • Adjusting display settings
  • Adjusting mouse settings
  • Regional & language settings
  • Adjusting Date/Time settings
  • Changing when your computer sleeps
  • Windows Updates
  • Installing/removing applications
  • Gadgets
  • Backing up and restoring files
  • Printers/scanners/faxes (handling & connecting devices)

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