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Needs Analysis and Gap Training

Training Request Forms

If you have a large corporation with many staff members requiring training across different Departments, you can download our Training Requirements Form and Student Participants Form to assist in organising your Company’s training. Email these forms to all Departments in your company to gauge interest from staff members. This process will enable combined your training into a single class, which will be more cost effective regarding price per student as opposed to engaging one-on-one training.

Once you determine how many students require training in each subject, you can allocate a company representative as “Training Coordinator” to liaise with The Office Expert and return the forms back to us with your request/s for training.

We recommend that you then request and complete our Needs Analysis process to group the students into similar skill levels. This process also assists in the creation of a suitable lesson plan aligning with our GAP Training guidelines . We can provide you with a quote after a curriculum is devised and the number of students and duration of training are determined.

Please note, do not fill out these forms in the browser window as your form data will not be retained when you press “download”. Please save the form to your computer first, then reopen it in Adobe Reader or similar PDF software to add your contents to the form.

Needs Analysis and Gap Training

Need Analysis and GAP Training

In order to provide your staff with the most effective training outcomes, The Office Expert determines each students’ skill level then designs a training plan around your staff’s needs. We do this with our proven Needs Analysis and Gap Training process.

Gap training is a technique The Office Expert has devised to provide efficient delivery of computer training to your staff. We do this by identifying each student’s skill level. Our convenient Needs Analysis process ensures specific training which targets your staff’s deficient areas, guaranteeing avoidance of duplication. It avoids wasting your staffs’ valuable time and saves your company money. Because Gap Training can be intense, The Office Experts provides high quality reference materials to supplement the delivery. This affords a valuable means of assistance and reference after the training.

Contact our computer experts today to book a comprehensive and jargon-free lesson to aid you in achieving the basic to advanced skills and knowledge you have always wanted to master on your computer! There is no question too simple or complex for our trained and patient experts.