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Computer Essentials

The Office Expert’s brand new Computer Essentials course has come about by popular demand. If you are a person who has moved from a non-computing work environment to an office where computers are part of the normal operation of your work, this course is for you! A complete career change may have come about due to a work-accident or perhaps you changed on your own volition. Either way, you’ll learn all of the essential skills to kick you off in a new office position. These are the bare minimum skills you’ll be expected to know as a new employee or transfer into a position which utilises computers as part of your job. Once you master this course, you may want to try our Beginner All-Rounder course.

Computer Essentials

This level includes:

Windows Essentials

  • Startup and shutdown
  • Navigating the desktop
  • Exploring/customising desktop
  • Adjusting the Date/Time
  • Using Scroll Bars
  • Adding/removing icons to the Task Bar for quick access
  • Customising font sizes, colours to suit your needs
  • Changing the Background Picture of your Desktop
  • Using a memory stick
  • Connecting a devices
  • Resizing/moving/splitting windows
  • Arranging/tiling windows
  • Minimising/maximising/restoring/closing windows
  • Creating/renaming/deleting shortcuts

Organising Files on your Computer

  • Identifying Files vs Folders
  • Saving a file correctly
  • Finding a saved file in your computer
  • Where does the computer automatically save your files
  • Warnings about Overwriting an existing saved file
  • Creating a New Folder/Directory
  • Copying/moving/renaming/deleting files

Printing and Scanning

  • Identifying Installed printers
  • Printing Quality
  • Identifying where your Scanning Software is
  • Scanning a Document
  • Scanning as a PDF, JPG or other format
  • Configuring the Saving of a Scanned Document
  • Finding your saved/scanned document

Mouse Functions

  • Copying/pasting information
  • Cutting/pasting information
  • Right-Clicking vs Left-Clicking
  • Dragging Files or Data
  • Double-Clicking
  • Mouse practice
  • Screen Captures (shots or grabs)

Recycle Bin

  • Where is your Recycle Bin?
  • Empty your recycle bin
  • Restoring a file to its original location

Software Applications

  • Write a Letter in Word while learning very basic Formatting techniques
  • Create a Basic Spreadsheet in Excel and use Basic Functions
  • Send an Email in Outlook, Gmail etc…
  • Attach a scanned file to an Email and Send it

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