Testimonials are an important part of business. It can help a business to improve and provides valuable insight into how services are being received. The Office Expert exercises patience and empathy with each and every student encountered.  The training environment is free of discrimination, judgement and haste. The Office Expert offers constructive, comprehensive and easy to understand instruction on an appointment basis. There is flexibility to communicate, be trained or be assisted with troubleshooting or Administrative Support via face-to-face contact, remote assistance, telephone and email. We are always open to new ways of how we can assist you so if you have any suggestions or would like to provide us with feedback on how your services were delivered to you, we would love to hear from you.

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Jennifer helped me understand the mechanics of Excel and was very helpful and understanding of what I wanted to achieve with my spreadsheets. Would have liked a few more hours!
Ray V.: Cairns
I have had positive feedback from all staff in regards to Jennifer’s expertise. Subject matter was thorough and very professionally delivered. I would definitely recommend The Office Expert to colleagues and friends. We are already in the process of organising another course with Jennifer.
Guilaine S.: Cairns
I really enjoyed this training. I was able to get through a lot in a quick time. I was able to learn about things I have wanted to know for a long time. Excellent.
Jayne S.: Cairns
Jennifer was a pleasure to work with. She has shown me other ways to use Excel that I have never been taught before. She gave me plenty of tips and facts that benefit me and for me to improve on.
Maria L.: Cairns
Jennifer is a great trainer. I would like follow-up lessons.
Pricilla C.: Cairns
Highly recommended
Janine L.: Cairns
Excellent, I enjoyed and benefited: spreadsheets for budgets, paper sizing, margins and formulas.
Suzanne L.: Cairns
Result of this training is that I will be able to use Excel to improve my reporting.
Mandy W.: Cairns
Jennifer was great at explaining the program [Excel]. I would definitely be organising another training session. Thanks Jennifer.
Tonya F.: Cairns
Jennifer is an excellent teacher, her class is easy to follow, and very effective – highly recommended. Thanks
Dylan C.: Cairns
Outstanding training delivered in an engaged and accessible way. Jennifer’s insistence to work on our own data certainly embedded into our real time workplace context. The handouts are a god send when you walk out the door as the content is rich, yet satisfying.
Sarah-Jane H.: Cairns
Jennifer was easy to understand and provided practical tips and rules to help me understand Excel within my work environment. Jennifer engaged our group really well by listening to our needs and adapting her training accordingly. Thanks Heaps Jennifer.
Bindi D.: Cairns
Thank you very much for a great, informative session on Excel. I think the way it was delivered was very helpful. Jennifer is very approachable, patient and concise in her wording which helps understand everything with ease. The things that we touched on in the class were relevant to my workplace and I would recommend this training to colleagues and friends.
Nadia R.: Cairns
Thanks Jen, your training was spot on for my needs and my level of excel training. I can now stop cutting and pasting with scissors and clag. You have saved me heaps of time. Thanks again!
Owen W.: Cairns
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