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  • Fix your Keyboard
    Have you spilled fluids over your keyboard before? Maybe consider trying this next time...
  • Hidden Objects in Word
    Select objects (i.e. Image, Textbox, WordArt, Checkbox) which are hidden behind text in Word
  • Sort by Date in Excel
    Sort an Excel spreadsheet by date or any other column of data
  • Subtotalling & Outlining in Excel
    How to Subtotal or Outline a spreadsheet easily for improved use
  • Insert Columns in a Word Document
    Convert a paragraph of text into 2 columns or 3 columns & then back...
  • Access and Change Document Properties in Excel
    Change the Author or Owner's name in your Word Document properties
  • Absolute vs Relative Cell References in Excel
    Learn Formulas in Excel and how to calculate efficiently using Absolutes
  • Use Format Painter for Fast Formatting
    How to use Format Painter, the tool that makes formatting quick and easy
  • Apply a Filter to a Column in Excel Spreadsheets
    Filter large data sources to display only record that match a specified criteria
  • Create Desktop Shortcuts in Windows
    Create a desktop shortcut in Windows to your Documents in any version
  • Formatting Efficiently in Word
    Reveal and display hidden Non-Printing Characters in Word
  • Flash Fill in EXCEL
    Automatically extract data from a column by typing the format you want in the...
  • Create and Save a Custom Header in Word
    Save a Header you created in Word and save it to your Building Block...
  • Configure Dual Monitors in Windows 10
    Change Settings in Windows 10 so your mouse can move in the correct direction...
  • Restore Missing Photoshop Tools in Toolbox
    Restore and organise your tools in your Photoshop Toolbox to improve workflow
  • Stop Spam Permanently from the Roots
    Get spammers deregistered, suspended and blacklisted
  • Create Facebook Event Longer than 2 weeks
    Add opening & closing times for each day in Facebook events longer than 2...
  • Update Excel Formulas Automatically
    Force Excel's formulas to update and calculate automatically
  • Outlook Compact View
    Restrict the Outlook Mail Items from reverting to Compact Layout view.
  • Formulas and Multiplication in Excel
    Build a basic multiplication formula and understanding calculations in Excel