Microsoft Access Training

The Office Expert offers basic to advanced Access training and lessons in the comfort of your office or in your own private home for the Cairns region of far North QLD, Australia.


At this level you will learn how to build a basic Table, Form, Report and Query. You will learn naming conventions, limitations, security and important fail-safe methods so your database is robust and stable. You will learn how to think like a user and will design your objects accordingly.

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You understanding the purpose and importance of linking tables however are unsure of how to do this. You would like to extend your object design knowledge with inclusion of interactive Forms, higher level Queries and be able to customise Report to suit your business.

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You would like to control Events; alter Control Sources; filter records, create Parameter, Update and Append Queries; be able to tweak existing Relationships; Effectively use Command Buttons with some VBA validations, messaging and more.

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