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Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPointIf you are interested in receiving training in Microsoft Powerpoint, please complete the form on this page to enquire. We also provide group training for this application. For group training we first need to assess all students’ current skills. This helps us to determine exactly which topics the group requires training in. This is called gap training and we use our Needs Analysis form for this process. We have some comprehensive reference materials for these topics and are working on our free YouTube video tutorials to also include Powerpoint.

This level includes:


  • What equipment is needed?
  • Having a design in mind
  • Starting Powerpoint
  • Navigating the screen
  • Exploring the Ribbon
  • Customising the Ribbon
  • Views – Sorter/Normal/Reading View/Slide Show
  • Adding & Deleting slides
  • Text Boundaries/Text Boxes
  • Timed or Manually progressed presentations
  • Show/Hide Gridlines/Ruler/Guides

Formatting Content

  • Formatting Text
  • Promoting/Demoting Bullets
  • Paragraph Spacing
  • Spelling & Grammar Corrections
  • Cuting/Copying/Pasting/Moving Text
  • Resizing Text Boxes

Images and Composition

  • Inserting Images/ Clipart /Shapes/SmartArt/WordArt
  • Applying Borders/Effects/Alignment/Corrections
  • Resizing Images
  • Recolouring Images Text Wrapping
  • Designing Template Images
  • Grouping/Ungrouping Images
  • Moving/Cutting/Copying/Pasting Images
  • Rotating Images
  • Flipping Images
  • Cropping Images


  • Printing Notes Pages
  • Printing Outlines
  • Printing Full Slides
  • Printing Multiple slides per page
  • Printing Handouts

Presentation Designs

  • Creating a Design from Scratch
  • Applying Built-in Designs to Slides
  • Colour Schemes
  • Orientation
  • Presentation Screen Size
  • Applying Backgrounds
  • Permission Protection
  • Kiosk vs Presented by Speaker configurations
  • Looping Presentations

Inserting Objects

  • Tables Objects
  • Charts Objects
  • Image Objects
  • Diagram & Organisational Objects
  • Video Objects
  • Audio Objects

Transitions and Effects

  • Timing a Slide’s Transition Effect
  • Progression of Effect on Click
  • Separating Effects
  • Grouping Effects
  • Configuring Order Events to Take Place
  • Custom Animation
  • Incorporating Sound effects

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