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Document Design

Do your business documents look out-of-date and in need of a fresh new look? For instance, have you recently updated your logo but your templates, invoices, letterheads, videos still displays your old one in different documents? Or perhaps, your company requires a brand new logo? If so, The Office Expert is here to provide your company with an entire line of stationery. We alter existing stationery or can assist you with an entirely new document design. We supply our designs in any format you need, so it can be used on any platform. These document designs can even be password protected, to stop users from accidentally changing them.

Document Design by the Office Expert

Custom Software & Templates

Another example might be, if you provide a service which doesn’t fit with anything available on the market. We can create you a custom designed data entry form, template or database especially for your company. In addition to this, we will advise you on which Spreadsheets, Templates, Invoices, Letterheads, Videos, Email Signatures, Logos, reports, forms and more might suit your company.  We can lock down your custom software we build you with a password so users don’t inadvertently change it. For simple tasks, we’ll design and deliver these swiftly via email with only a few emailed instructions. However, for more complex solutions, we’ll need time to build them and this may require one or more conferences via phone, zoom or in person.

which solutions suit your business? Enquire with us today. We’ll have you on the way and will develop your business’s new line of stationery in no time.