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Microsoft Excel Training

Microsoft ExcelThe Office Expert offers basic to advanced Microsoft Excel training, Excel Lessons and Excel Courses. We deliver these in the comfort of your office or in your own private home for the Cairns region of far North QLD, Australia. In addition, we also provide remote support in Excel for regional locations and can prepare custom Excel spreadsheets and templates customised to your instructions. One-on-One training is the perfect way to get ready for a job that requires Excel in their required software skills list. Fill out our form on this page for Excel Training and be quickly on your way to winning your dream job!


You have some experience with Word, however you have little or no experience with Excel. At this this level you will learn basic formatting, navigation and fulfilling basic table tasks and reformatting of existing documents.

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You hope to gain a higher level of understanding of Excel while learning intermediate level formatting techniques, conditional formatting; sorting, filtering. Troubleshooting charts and changing chart data sources; You also hope to resolve issues in basic formulas.

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You wish develop your knowledge of Excel formulas and learn more functions to assist with budgets, advanced calculations and reporting. You hope to learn other advanced level features of Excel which may include macros, linking of spreadsheets and complex custom templates.

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