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Microsoft Word Basics

The topics listed under this level of training is a list of the skills which fall under the Microsoft Word Basics category. This means, you will not be able to cover all topics on this page in say, a 3hr training session. Therefore, it’s best to pick your most important topics that you want to learn first. You can always book again later. If you are interested in this level of training, please contact us to register your interest using the form below. As we provide customised training, the next step after you contact us involves us assessing your current skills to determine exactly which topics you require training in. After you have completed this level of training, you may want to up-skill to the next level: Microsoft Word Intermediate. Also check out or free tutorials on Word Videos on our YouTube Channel.

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This level includes:

Navigating around the Word environment

  • Customising & moving the Quick Access toolbar
  • Adding icons to the ribbon
  • Customising the ribbon
  • Showing the Developer ribbon
  • Viewing layouts
  • Windows Keyboard Shortcut Keys
  • Cut / Copy / Paste Defaults (Options)
  • Creating new documents
  • Saving files
  • ‘Save’ vs ‘Save As’
  • Finding your saved files in Explorer
  • Opening existing documents through Word

Basic Formatting Techniques

  • Selecting text for formatting purposes
  • Bold/Italic/Underline/Strike-through
  • Font Size & Styles
  • Changing case
  • Text Alignment & Indentation
  • Applying/changing Bullets/Numbering
  • Text & Page Borders
  • Highlighting text
  • Undo & Redo
  • Tabs
  • Clearing formatting

Page Setup/ Paragraph Formatting

  • Line Spacing
  • Paragraph Spacing
  • Page Alignment (vertical)
  • Margins
  • Orientation (Portrait/Landscape)
  • Page Size
  • Borders (Page)
  • Watermarks
  • Page Layouts
  • Headers/Footers
  • Viewing Non Printing Characters
  • Document Properties (viewing/changing)
  • Headers &Footers
  • Page Numbers


  • Inserting a table into a document
  • Selecting cells/rows/columns/entire spreadsheet
  • Navigating tables
  • Inserting cells/rows/columns
  • Deleting cells/rows/columns
  • Insert/edit/delete text in cells
  • Using tabs in tables
  • Merging cells/rows/columns
  • Shading cells/rows/columns
  • Vertical and horizontal alignment in cells
  • Setting double-spacing in cells


  • Utilising Word’s built-in templates
  • Saving documents as templates
  • Basics of designing quality templates
  • Downloading free templates from Microsoft

Spelling & Grammar

  • How to customise the language
  • Checking spelling as you type
  • Deciphering checker indicators
  • Changing dictionary
  • AutoCorrect
  • AutoText


  • Text Wrap
  • Resizing/moving images
  • Inserting/deleting/editing images
  • Inserting/deleting/editing WordArt

Finding Word Help

  • Searching the Help Index
  • Online Help
  • Tutorial Help
  • Customised Help using F1


  • Selecting your printer
  • Setting a default printer
  • Specifying the amount of copies
  • Setting the print area
  • Clearing the print area
  • Print preview
  • Scaling page to fit
  • Document Orientation
  • Printing quality (draft vs highest setting)

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