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The Office Expert - Create and Save a Custom Header in Word
The Office Expert - Non-Printing Characters in WORD
Configure Microsoft Word to efficiently perform Word Processing by revealing (hidden) Formatting and Non-Printing Characters. These characters are essential when performing document designs and display exactly what content is in your document. This feature of Word relates to the Microsoft Word Intermediate skills checklist and can improve the speed of your administration. Check out our other free training videos on The Office Expert's website: https://www.theofficeexpert.com. Watch this video directly in YouTube.
The Office Expert - Format Painter in EXCEL.
The Office Expert - Inserting Columns in Word
How to convert a block of text into two columns and three columns. This video takes you step-by-step through configuring columns, and then formatting the remaining section of the page to allow you to continue entering text as normal. Simple instructions to use on any Word. Check out our other free training videos on The Office Expert's website: https://www.theofficeexpert.com
The Office Expert - Select Hidden Objects in Word
Select Hidden Objects in Word will show you how to select objects which are located behind text in Microsoft Word. You'll can then format, move or resize objects easily. Hidden objects may be Images, Logos, Textboxes, WordArt, Legacy objects and more. Sometimes Word renders these inaccessible due to them previously being placed behind text. For more free tips visit https://www.theofficeexpert.com and be sure to also to us on YouTube. You can turn on Notifications settings to stay tuned to new contact being added frequently. If you would like us to cover more topics on Microsoft Word, please send a message in our Contact page to request your topic.