The Office Expert’s Services

In addition to computer training, The Office Expert’s services consist of Administrative Support which can alleviate stress from the Administration team in a busy office. Priority services are available and delivered in the same day to you depending on the project and our current workflow. Document Design is another service we offer which covers professional looking letterheads, cover letters and even business cards. These document designs can be for personal or business purposes. These services are available via email or via remote access avoiding lengthy meetings which take up more your valuable time. A Needs Analysis assessment is directly related to the Gap training The Office Expert provides and is used to determine your office staff’s software comprehension levels. Once we determine staff comprehension levels, we can propose a customised lesson plan and group staff together who are at similar levels.

Computer Software Training/Tutoring

Browse through the available software training options which The Office Expert can train you and/or your staff in. Training is delivered in classroom style or one-on-one format. The Office Expert can also connect remotely to you with a secure program. This is ideal if you are based in city or state. See all the computer training options here: Computer Training

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Admin Assistance

Administrative assistance is a ‘no strings attached’ service which is calculated on a minute by minute basis. You communicate the documents you need and The Office Expert delivers them to your inbox. Perfect for time-poor business professionals.

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Document Designs

Letterheads, budgets, presentations, logos, forms, templates and much much more. The Office Expert can design your office essentials in a creative and timely manner.

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Résumé and Cover Letter Preparation

Do you need a résumé pronto? Not sure how to create an attention grabbing résumé? All you need is your work and education history and The Office Expert can quickly prepare you a professional résumé with a customised cover letter to help you land your dream job.

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Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis is a service which The Office Expert offers for multi-student classes in order to determine each student’s skill level in preparation for the design of a customised training curriculum. There is a nominal fee for this invaluable service.

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