Microsoft Word Advanced

The topics listed under this level of training are a snapshop only of the skills which fall under the Microsoft Word Advanced category. If you are interested in this level of training, please contact us to register your interest using the form below. As we provide customised training, the next step after you contact us involves us assessing your current skills to determine exactly which topics you require training in. If this level of training is too complex for you, you may want to consider the Microsoft Word Intermediate course.

This level includes:


  • Apply Headings
  • Creating Styles from scratch
  • Modifying styles
  • Using Themes
  • Create a Style template


  • Sorting Rows in a Table
  • Using Excel tables in Word
  • Alignment of text in tables Vertically & Horizontally
  • Using Indentation in Tables
  • Using Tabs in Tables
  • Headings for Multiple Tables
  • Splitting Tables
  • Merging Tables

Mail Merge

  • Mail Merge Recap
  • Accessing a Datasource
  • Remove a Field from the datasource
  • Merging a Document
  • Add New Records
  • Rename a Field
  • Adding new Fields
  • Deleting Fields
  • Sorting a Merge
  • Select only Specific records
  • Using Filtering in Merges
  • Getting Data from Excel
  • Getting Data from Access
  • Create Mailing Labels
  • Single Labels
  • Create Envelopes

Document Protection

  • Passwords to block Opening documents
  • Passwords to block Modifying documents
  • Make a file Read Only
  • Protecting User Templates

Fields & Templates

  • Insert a field
  • Updating a fields
  • Unlinking a field
  • Using Switches / Numeric Switches
  • Using a built-in Word template
  • Creating your own user Template from scratch
  • Inserting Date and Time fields
  • Viewing/toggling Field Codes
  • Saving a Template in the correct location
  • Editing existing Templates
  • Using Content Controls
  • Using Legacy Controls

Managing Sections

  • Page/column breaks
  • Fixing section breaks
  • Handling custom and varying Headers & Footers
  • Customising differing Page Numbering

Macros & AutoText

  • Record a Macro
  • Create a New AutoText entry
  • Create a New AutoCorrect entry
  • Run a Macro
  • Debug a Macro
  • Assign a Macro a Shortcut Key
  • Assign a Macro to the Toolbar
  • Placing your Macro on the Ribbon
  • Resetting the Word Ribbon
  • Deleting a Macro

Importing Data

  • Copying Data from Word to another file without affecting formatting
  • Inserting & Linking Data within Word
  • Inserting Word files into Word files
  • Using Hyperlinks
  • Using Bookmarks
  • Using Cross References
  • Sharing Data with Excel
  • Copying data from Excel
  • Embedding data from Excel

Table of Contents

  • What is a Table of Contents (TOC)
  • Updating/Toggling a TOC
  • Multiple TOCs
  • Indexing
  • Endnotes & Footnotes

Track Changes

  • Turning on Track Changes
  • Receiving a Track Changed document
  • Reviewing Track Change options
  • Accepting Track Changes
  • Declining Track Changes
  • Viewing document without Track Changes visible
  • Commenting on a document

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