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Microsoft Excel Intermediate

The topics listed under this level of Excel training are a snapshot only of the skills which fall under the Microsoft Excel Intermediate category. If you are interested in this level of training, please contact us to register your interest using the form below. As we provide customised training, for multi-student training sessions the next step after you contact us involves us assessing your current skills to determine exactly which topics you require training in. After you have completed this level of training, you may want to up-skill to the next level: Microsoft Excel Advanced. If this level of training is too complex for you, you may want to consider the Microsoft Excel Basics course.

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This level includes:

Excel Tools for Ease of Use

  • Intermediate level Conditional formatting
  • Locking cells
  • Protecting worksheets
  • Format Painter
  • Splitting panes
  • Freezing panes
  • Hiding columns/rows
  • Tables

Intermediate Excel Features

  • Text alignment & indentation
  • Text direction
  • Bullets & numbering in Excel
  • Custom cell borders
  • Applying gradients fills to cells
  • Clearing cell formats
  • Introduction to Conditional Formatting
  • increase/decrease row heights
  • increase/decrease column widths

Page Setup & Preparing for Printing

  • Horizontal & Vertical page alignment
  • Customising headers & footers with codes
  • Document Properties (viewing/changing)
  • Adding page numbers
  • Rows to repeat at top
  • Printing row & column headings
  • Setting & resetting the Print Area

Excel Tables

  • Inserting a table into a spreadsheet
  • Navigating tables
  • Inserting cells/rows/columns into a table
  • Deleting cells/rows/columns into a table
  • Shading cells/rows/columns with built-in formats for headings/cells
  • Extending Table perimeters
  • Formatting a table with a built in table design
  • Erase a table but keep its contents
  • Applying a Header Row
  • Applying a Total Row

Formulas & Functions

  • Absolute cell references
  • Relative cell references
  • Formulas from scratch using:
    • Addition
    • Subtraction
    • Multiplication
    • Division
  • Intermediate level Functions
  • IF Statements
  • ROUND up/down
  • PMT
  • % of Total formula


  • Images
    • Text wrap
    • Resizing & moving images
    • Editing/exposure correcting/retinting
    • Watermarking with images
    • Inserting WordArt
    • Inserting Shapes
    • Inserting Screenshots
    • Inserting SmartArt


  • Selecting your printer
  • Setting a default printer
  • Specifying the amount of copies
  • Setting the print area
  • Clearing the print area
  • Print preview
  • Scaling page to fit
  • Orientation
  • Printing only the formulas
  • Gridlines & Black/White printing
  • How to make all data fit onto a page
  • Adjusting margins/headers/footers

Sorting & Filtering Data

  • Setting filtering criteria
  • Using text filters
  • Using colour filters
  • Using number filters
  • Resetting a filter
  • Deleting a filter
  • Setting a custom filter
  • Setting multiple filters
  • Sorting data
  • Conditionally Sort/Filter

Fill Series

  • AutoFill
  • Fill Series options
  • Formula filling
  • Right-Click filling

Intermediate Level Charts

  • Charts recap
  • Types of charts
  • Chart source data
  • Chart titles & legend
  • Chart axis & gridlines
  • Chart data labels & tables
  • Chart location
  • Chart resize/ move/ delete/ print
  • Selecting non-contiguous ranges
  • Add/Edit/Remove data in a chart
  • Format data markers & parts
  • Adding Trendlines to Charts
  • Adding effects to Chart
  • Adding a Secondary Axis to Charts
  • Combo Charts and Changing formats


  • Locking cells in preparation for protection
  • Locking a Workbook
  • Locking a Worksheet

Excel Tools

  • Sparklines
  • Select Formulas pane
  • Select Objects pane
  • Go to Special
  • Paste Link
  • Transpose Data

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