Outlook Compact View Configure Display Settings in Microsoft Outlook to restrict the Mail Items reverting to Outlook Compact View in your Inbox. When you try to increase the width of your Reading Pane, your Mail items converts itself into Compact Layout view. This means that you lose your Column Headers and cannot sort as you want. Follow these instructions to ensure this does not happen when you widen your Reading Pane. View this How-To video to see how easy it is. See our other great free tips and tricks at: https://www.theofficeexpert.com/free-tips/. Check out this Outlook Compact View video on YouTube and please   to us and tell us how you liked our video in the comments. https://youtu.be/SPzg8TiUmHY  This is our first Outlook video, so please subscribe on Youtube to stay up-to-date with futures Outlook videos: Our Outlook Playlist