Update Excel Formulas Automatically
Update Excel Formulas Automatically? The problem: Your spreadsheet has Excel Formulas and the cells in the Excel Formulas change, but the result do not. Your Calculation Options in Excel might be set to Manual. To change this, click on the Formulas tab, then in the Calculations group select Calculate Now. This will force the spreadsheet formulas to update. To calculate formulas automatically whenever your content changes, click on the Formulas tab and then onto Calculation Options and select, Automatic. Some users like to keep it on Manual to manually approve the formulas results when the content changes. View this handy little video to see how easy it is. See our other great free tips and tricks at: Check out this video on YouTube and please subscribe to us and tell us how you liked our video in the comments.  To see more Excel videos visit: Our Excel Playlist
The Office Expert Excel Flash Fill
Learn how use the Microsoft Excel feature Flash Fill to efficiently processing different variations of data in related columns. This feature is available in Excel 2013 and above. Check out our other free training videos on The Office Expert's website:
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