Outlook Compact View
Outlook Compact View Configure Display Settings in Microsoft Outlook to restrict the Mail Items reverting to Outlook Compact View in your Inbox. When you try to increase the width of your Reading Pane, your Mail items converts itself into Compact Layout view. This means that you lose your Column Headers and cannot sort as you want. Follow these instructions to ensure this does not happen when you widen your Reading Pane. View this How-To video to see how easy it is. See our other great free tips and tricks at: Check out this Outlook Compact View video on YouTube and please   to us and tell us how you liked our video in the comments.  This is our first Outlook video, so please subscribe on Youtube to stay up-to-date with futures Outlook videos: Our Outlook Playlist
Create a Facebook Event Longer than 2 weeks
How to Create Facebook Event Longer than 2 weeks. A Facebook event is easily be created longer than 2wks in just 2:30mins. It is not the most obvious thing to do in Facebook but it is possible to create a Facebook event longer than two weeks. By simply following our short video, you can also learn how to add opening and closing times for each day in your Facebook event longer than 2 weeks. If there is a fee or charge to attend the event you can set this up also. Check it out here on YouTube channel. Also check out some of our other Free Tips and Tutorials videos. Check out this video on YouTube and please subscribe to us and tell us how you liked our video in the comments.  To see more Excel videos visit: Our Excel Playlist
The Office Expert - Configure Dual Monitors in Windows 10
Change the Display Settings in Windows 10 so your mouse can move in the correct direction towards your second monitor. Sometimes Windows gets it wrong! it. Windows thinks your second monitor is at the right when really it is positioned at left. This video will show you how to configure your Display settings to correct the true position of your monitors. For more free tips visit and be sure to also to us on YouTube. You can turn on Notifications settings to stay tuned to new contact being added frequently. If you would like us to cover more topics on Windows Settings, please send a message in our Contact page to request your topic.
The Office Expert - Create and Save a Custom Header in Word
The Office Expert Excel Flash Fill
Learn how use the Microsoft Excel feature Flash Fill to efficiently processing different variations of data in related columns. This feature is available in Excel 2013 and above. Check out our other free training videos on The Office Expert's website:
The Office Expert - Non-Printing Characters in WORD
Configure Microsoft Word to efficiently perform Word Processing by revealing (hidden) Formatting and Non-Printing Characters. These characters are essential when performing document designs and display exactly what content is in your document. This feature of Word relates to the Microsoft Word Intermediate skills checklist and can improve the speed of your administration. Check out our other free training videos on The Office Expert's website: Watch this video directly in YouTube.
The Office Expert - Create a Desktop Icon
The Office Expert - Format Painter in EXCEL.
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